Wednesday, April 24, 2013

T is for time

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Today's A to Z Challenge letter is the letter T so I must go with the word time.  When I started this challenge at the beginning of April I thought it would be a great way for me to "make time" each day to blog, and to have a purpose to blog.  Some days this has been true...but most days I am finding little time to blog in the way I would like.  I want to be creative, to be funny at times - to be challenged each day.   I don't think it's happened.

why?  time!! 

Now, I am not a person working away from home full-time, or commuting long hours, or anything like that which would take me away from the computer.  So, I have the availability of my keyboard. In fact it sits on my kitchen table all the time.  It's part of my morning routine - coffee, newspaper, computer!  And,  I jump on and off the computer all day long, checking emails and Facebook.  

So, I have to think that time has been the culprit.  I think I now understand why writers need to lock themselves up in an attic office or go somewhere to devote a scheduled amount of time to the task.  No interruptions, no excuses.

Here's the thing about me and time. When I do something, I do it "in a timely manner" BUT I do not rush through anything, nor do I like the feeling of being under pressure to make a time commitment.  People who know me know I never wait til the last minute, nor do I arrive anywhere late if I can at all help it.  "Arriving early IS arriving on time!"  That's my motto.  No extra stress please!

I do not like going with a change in my routine either... when someone invites me to be spontaneous it's a challenge for me.  It might even be for something I really want to do and know I will enjoy!!   It doesn't matter.   I like patterns, and set times, and I need "time" to adjust.

You all probably thing I'm crazy about now.   But, it's a thing (problem??) I have.  I live by a clock.   But for me it's soothing - and predictable and allows me to pace myself.  So, sometimes I may not do as much as other people in a day - but I'm okay with it.   I have always loved the line from a Jackson Browne song that says "wasting time is not WASTED time."    I need time to read, to relax, to "be"....  and I need to plan what I do in my other times.  

We all have a limited amount of time on earth...but thankfully, we don't know how long it is.  I try and enjoy it, before I lose it!  

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