Thursday, April 25, 2013

The letter U - in the A to Z Challenge

Yesterday I wrote how I have not been able to be as creative during this challenge as I had originally hoped.   So, today I find myself with the letter U!!  Oh my.  It's a toughie.   I have written some U words on a piece of paper to help me think of what to write about...undercover, underwear, upwards, understanding, up to date, and utmost.


I think I will write today about being up to date.  

This world is spinning pretty fast, and changes occur daily.  It's really hard to try and stay "up to date" with the technology out there.   The advances amaze me at times!  

I'm reminded of this because a few months ago I cleaned out a spare closet and much of it was filled with old VHS movies.  Many of them were childrens' videos.  We owned most of the Disney collection, and had lots of Sesame Street movies, and G-rated films for our daughters when they were little.  My hubby loved to buy VHS - because it was the first time anyone could buy a movie and watch it at any time, and as many times as we wanted.  He bought a bunch of "action movies" too  - his favorite.

So, I boxed up all the tapes to make room in the closet, and I figured I would bite the bullet and donate them to my church's garage sale, for charity.  It was hard to do because I had memories attached to many of the children's movies.  I remember how my younger daughter loved the Disney version of "Cinderella" and watched it over and over...her eyes glued to the TV with her favorite stuffed toy in her hand.   I remember both girls enjoying VHS videos while I tried to get household work done.  I knew if I put one on, the girls would be happy, watching for a good 50 minutes or so.  Enough time to get something done!

Anyway, I took the VHS videos in to the garage sale.  And, most of them went UNbought, even at just $1 each.   Nobody has a VCR player anymore!  Nobody buys VHS movies anymore!   So, at the end of the day, they were boxed up again - and taken to the Salvation Army and one only knows what they decided to do with them all.

Yes, it's hard to stay "up to date" anymore.  So many upgrades with smart-phones, and new apps.  Cars have new gadgets too.  Cameras to view behind the back before going in reverse. My car has that feature now, and it still confuses me as to wear to look. I'm so used to putting my arm over the passenger seat and turning my head and looking behind me as I back up.  I glance at the camera's picture but I don't rely on it to tell me it's safe to move.   I have Blue Tooth in my car now too.  I often end up disconnecting people when they call because I hit the wrong button!

I know as I age, my "learning ability" gets tougher.  My brain doesn't pick up on new concepts as fast as it used to do, and I find myself questioning WHY we have all these changes.  I sometimes can't imagine our world in another 50 years.  Will we just sit and say everything we want...and a computer goes and gets it, or does it for us?

Now, please understand MANY of the changes have been wonderful!  I am glad I have been alive for "up to date" medical procedures that I might one day need, and I'm glad safety features have been upgraded.   I love my Facebook and I tweet.  I blog!  I intend to try my darndest to keep "up to date" with this ever-changing world we live in, and to thank God for the positive progress made.  

Sometimes, it's just hard to do.   Sometimes a "simpler life" seems less stressful (even though I know history shows it really wasn't.)    One thing I do know -  is  all the new technology has made it easier to "be up to date" with family and friends....  and that is a very good thing!

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