Friday, April 26, 2013

The letter W in the "A to Z challenge"

My word for the letter W is weather.

Just yesterday I checked our local forecast and it said there was a small chance of rain in the morning and then turning sunny in the afternoon with highs in the low 70's.  I had a 12:30pm tee time with my lady friends so I thought it would be a perfect day to be out there on the links.   It started out that way.  But, after 9 holes the skies got grey and we heard some thunder.  We turned our golf carts around and got back to the parking lot just as the torrential rains started to come down.   It rained...then the sun came out, and then it stormed again about an hour later.

It's one example of how we still try to plan our day totally on what forecasters say, but it's just too unpredictable, especially living in this area, by the ocean.  

Weather.  There's certainly nothing we can do about it.  But, I know that I am one of those people who's mood and well-being is effected by the weather each day.  I have that disorder (I know it has a medical name) where I need sunshine, and I need to be outdoors.  I am not a happy person in cold temperatures, stuck indoors, and I hate snow.  Yes, I HATE snow.  I don't find it pretty. Sorry.

I have lived in areas where cold and snowy days made for a very long winter.  It was emotionally challenging to me.  I dreaded shoveling, and bundling up to go anywhere, and I feared driving and other drivers on the road.  I have the type of body that feels the cold "to the bone" and when I'm that cold I just don't even want to move.  

So, after years of cold winters I finally live in a place with mild winter months.  Here, we still can dip into the 30's at night but most days reach into the 50's.  And, we have been known to have warm spells even in January.  Days that give a reprieve, to help make it feel like springtime is around the corner.

Now Mother Nature can still do some scary things here.  Our biggest concern is a hurricane coming this way.  A few have come through and caused serious damage. But, every region has some form of weather that makes us realize how powerful it can be.  Right?   We can't escape bad weather completely.  I guess there are a few areas that seem pretty safe.  San Diego is one.  Where else?

Today's weather:  The local paper this morning says a cool morning, plenty of sunshine with a mild afternoon. High 72.  Sounds delightful!  

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