Monday, April 15, 2013

The letter N

The words starting with the letter N that have first popped into my head are Neighbors, Nature, and News.

I will pick Nature to talk about today.  It's fitting since it's springtime and nature is waking up and showing itself off with so much color right now.  I love all the flowers of nature! The wisteria and azaleas are in full bloom. Yards are bright with pink, rose, and white.  The birds, the animals, and yes, even the reptiles, are becoming more alert and active too.  

I live in an area filled with amazing nature. I wake up every morning to birds singing, and I see egrets in trees, and herons posing by the ponds, and the sandpipers frolicking at the beach!   The osprey are preparing their old nests again along the rivers.  The alligators are waking from their winter's rest and are sunning themselves along the muddy banks.   And, even the snakes are moving.  We have seen 2 babies lately.  And you know, if babies are around, then Mama must be near by.

Soon the fish will start jumping again - and the dolphins will be spotted making their way in the ocean.  Fiddler crabs pop in and out of holes waiting for something good to grab with their big claw, then eat.  

Nature is amazing to see!  I know I could not live in a city and miss experiencing it.  I find peace and beauty looking over the marshes, and boating down the rivers. 

As I have aged I have learned to "stop and smell the roses" and enjoy what is all around me.   I hope you do too.   Nature is a beautiful thing! 

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