Wednesday, April 10, 2013

The Letter H and the Letter I

I ran out of time yesterday to write about the letter H in the A to Z Challenge.  So, today I will write about both H, and today's letter,  the letter I.   (If you are looking for this week's Hodgepodge - it's the last post before this one.)

First...H.  I have picked the word Honesty for the letter H in the challenge because it's been on my mind quite a bit lately.  I have had a couple of discussions about honesty lately, and to tell you the truth, I'm a bit confused about if it's ALWAYS right to be completely honest, or can there be a time when speaking honestly should not be done.   Is there ever a gray area when it comes to honesty??  

We live in a world where it seems so many people - politicians, celebrities, leaders, and others - don't speak openly and honestly.  They either "fudge" on the truth, or even at times totally make up events or beliefs.   And, they seem to "get away with it."   And, just what does that mean?   Is it okay not to be honest if you are either not caught at all - or just momentarily chastised, then it's forgotten?   If you do get away with not being honest, do you tend to find telling a lie easier the next time?  And, does there finally come a time when so many lies are out there that nobody ever knows real truth? 

I know I'm asking more questions, then giving any answers. 

I was raised with a sense of right and wrong, and I learned that telling a lie was wrong.  Especially if it was "planned" and perhaps used as a "cover up."   I'm sure I tested it with my parents when I was young.  But, I learned that honesty is the best policy - and I still truly belief it.  I was also born with an honesty gene in terms that I can not lie without feeling foolish, acting badly at it...and feeling very guilty.   It's who I am.

But, the word and action of living honestly has me feeling kind of sad today.  So many people don't do it... and don't seem to care. It scares me.

Now...  to the letter I - and a topic completely different!   For the letter I I pick ice cream!!   Who doesn't love ice cream?   I certainly enjoy ice cream at times... and I have my favorite flavors:  double fudge brownie, chocolate, butter pecan, to name a few.  But, ice cream has another connotation for me.   See, my hubby has worked in the ice cream business for 2/3s of his work career. ...and ice cream has been very, very good to us!   So...thanks to everyone out there who loves ice cream as a treat, or who includes it at a celebration, or even uses it to make you feel better at a down time!!   We all scream for ice cream!  

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